What are Hosted Predictive Dialers?

Predictive dialers are intelligent telephone computer system that makes the job of the call centers easier. They are proven to be the most efficient, and effective dialing solution in the call center industry around the world.

In call centers, people (also referred as agent) dials a list of telephone numbers in order to sell products or services, and / or to provide customer / technical support. In order to achieve this the call centers need to depend upon the dialing infrastructure, which allows them to complete this process at ease. However, when dialing to someone, especially a long list of telephone numbers, there comes a limitations such as voice mails, no answers, busy signals, fax tones, etc. This becomes a much more hurdle, especially when you are into call center industry, as it affects your business’s overall productivity. The hosted predictive dialer proves to be the best solution so far to overcome all these limitations.

Hosted predictive dialer automatically dials a list of telephone numbers, and connects only the live (answered) call to the agent making call. Thereby it eliminates all the unproductive calls such as voicemails, fax tones, busy tones, no answers, etc. Besides, it works on a computerized algorithms, which calculates numerous aspects such as number of logged-in agents, number of available agents, number of agents making calls, average call handling time by each agent, and so on, based on which it regulates the call flow accordingly. Overall, combining both these aspects, it eventually increases the call center’s productivity by up to 72%.

Apart from the above, the hosted predictive dialer also saves a huge amount of money for the call centers, as it requires almost no expensive dialing infrastructure investment behind the servers. This is because they are the hosted services, hence one just need a computer with an internet connection to use the services.

Overall to conclude, hosted predictive dialer certainly proves to be a valuable reckon for almost every call centers.

Problems with Contact Center & Hosted Predictive Dialer

It is inevitable to say that call centers or contact centers are among the largest and the fastest growing industry in the world. They are the facility setup by the industries, and enterprises around the world to perform various tasks related to telemarketing, technical and customer supports, sales and marketing, as well as to conduct surveys, and much more.

A contact center is divided into two main segments, i.e., inbound call center, wherein the customer / people dials them, and outbound, wherein the call center dials’ call to the customer. The call centers involved in inbound process, usually provide technical and customer support services, whereas the outbound call centers are generally involved into sales and marketing processes. Yet, whether it is an outbound or inbound, the call centers always depends upon their agents, as well as their dialing infrastructure to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted business process, which leads to profitability.

Most of the outbound call centers, who depends on cheap quality dialing infrastructure, faces productivity and efficiency issues. Wonder why? Let us go through their process a bit, in outbound call centers the agents have to dialer a list of telephone numbers. They either dial it manually or depend on a dialer to make calls. However, both these have limitations as manual dialing is a monotonous job, and auto dialer may lead to server issues. Besides, there are a few more important issues, which limits the overall productivity. These limitations includes but not limited to (a) unproductive calls such as voice mails, fax tones, busy signals, etc., and (b) delays in calls due to poor infrastructure. Most importantly, the call centers always have a large number of call flow, and due to this influx of calls, and its improper distribution, the overall productivity is affected at large.

Hosted Predictive Dialers

Overcoming all the above obstacles faced by the industry, hosted predictive dialers proves to be a valuable reckon. Hosted predictive dialer is an outbound call center dialing infrastructure which dials a list of telephone numbers, and connects the agents only when the call is answered. Unlike the other dialers, it eliminates all the unproductive calls such as voice mails, fax tones, busy signals, and even no answers. Besides, as it works on a computerized algorithm, it calculates several things such as number of logged-in agents, number of agents talking with the customers, number of free agents, average call handling time by each agents, etc. based on which it regulates the call flow accordingly, ensuring that the call center is able to derive the maximum output.

On the other hand apart from the efficiency in operations, hosted predictive dialers also proves to be an affordable solution with pricing as low as USD 125 / agent. Again, unlike the other dialers the call centers need not have to invest heavily on the dialing infrastructures, and servers, as these are the hosted dialers, hence the solutions are based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, wherein special hosting companies provide these services over the internet.

Some of the major benefits of hosted predictive dialers are:

1.  Automates dialing process
2.  Eliminates unproductive calls
3.  Distributes calls evenly to the avail sales representatives
4.  Enable sales representatives to work from anywhere
5.  Eliminates the need to keep local dialing server
6.  Eliminates the costs associated with dialing solution since it is managed by special hosting companies
7.  And much more…

Predictive Dialer, a Complete Contact Center Solution

A contact center is a facility / place used by companies or businesses around the world for the purpose of facilitating their customers or consumers with various communications channels such as telephone, e-mail, online chat support, fax and even letters. Generally the contact centers have a one way flow that is inward or inbound flow. It is where customers / consumers communicate with the contact center to facilitate themselves with any queries or concerns regarding the products or services that the company has offered them.

Nowadays things have changed. Contact centers are not only limited to facilitate or help or to guide the customers or consumers, but they also started to carry out the process of marketing and sales activities. They have started to hire tele-callers, to be more specific in their terms, agents, to perform the sales and marketing activities through cold calling strategies. Cold calling is referred to the process of calling the people via some telephonic system. Usually this strategy is performed by the call centers, but since the contact centers are already in the process of facilitating their existing customers, then why not they expand their pool of customers with all the in-house resources they have? They already have computers, internet, telephones lines, email clients, fax, in fact the whole facility. The only thing that they need is an effective and automatic outbound or outward dialing system. This is where they can take advantages of a predictive dialing system.

A predictive dialer is a computer telephonic system that has the capability to dial a predefined list of telephone numbers in such a manner that it can eliminate those calls that has no answers, busy signals, disconnected, answering machines or are under the protective barrier of DND (Do not disturb) or National Do Not Call Registry. Nevertheless, a predictive dialer can be a very useful tool for the contact center if they are to engage in any marketing and sales activities. With predictive dialer, contact centers can perform various marketing and sales activities such as conduct surveys; advertise their company’s product or services to potential customers; encourage their existing customers to enhance or upgrade their services, and much more without outsourcing their outbound or sales and marketing campaign to any call centers.

Some of the benefits that a contact center can achieve from deploying a predictive dialer are as follows:

  1. A predictive dialer can manage the outward dialing process as well as inward calls management for a long long time
  2. Route inbound calls to the right person in the right department
  3. Filter outward or outbound calls for answering machines, National Do Not Call Registry, DND, busy tone, etc.
  4. Get the advantages to integrated CRM (Consumer Relationship Management) to effectively and efficiently manage the customer’s information
  5. Increase productivity and efficiency of the dialing agent or the outbound caller
  6. It can be installed and integrated into any existing contact center facility.

Predictive Dialer, an Ideal Solution for Call Center

If you are running a call center business, you will need to find new ways to increase productivity. One way to do that is utilizing predictive dialer. It is the best option available in the market today, which can optimize your overall productivity. It has several powerful features that help enhance your call center operations.

Deploying predictive dialing system is the best approach to manage your call center business. It has the capability to improve and streamline various operations as well as it can also increase the productivity of the sales reps and their managers. A predictive dialer performs variety of important call center tasks. The first, and foremost, function of predictive dialer is to organize the calls in the most effective manner. With the built-in virtual intelligence, it takes the calls and distributes them to the agents in such a way that all the agents get the same amount of calls.

Another important function that a predictive dialer performs is the filtration or screening of certain lists of telephone numbers. For example, it can screen or not dial all those numbers that fall under National Do Not Call Registry list. This can eliminate the chances of unnecessary legal actions or complaints against the call center. Furthermore, it can also filter unproductive calls, such as no answer, busy tones, fax tones, no signal, answering machine, etc. Elimination of unproductive calls can indeed reduce labor waste to a great extent.

One of the most notable features of a modern predictive dialer is that it is also available in the form of software as a service (SaaS). This type of dialer is known as web based predictive dialer, hosted predictive dialer or cloud predictive dialer. It can help eliminate various capital overheads such as costs of ISDN lines and dedicated servers, because they are maintained in remote data centers by a specialized contact center solution provider. Furthermore, it also eliminates the costs of maintenance as these hosted dialing systems are professionally managed 24/7, 365 days a year by the service provider.

A hosted predictive dialing system also has the ability to make the agents virtual, meaning they can be part of the call center despite not being physically present at the facility. This is possible because a web based predictive dialer offers remote login to their users.

All in all, a predictive dialer is an ideal solution for the call centers that will certainly reduce their overheads at the same time increase their output and productivity.

Web-Based Predictive Dialer to Increase Agents Productivity

Telemarketing has become essential in this modern world in order to promote your sales and marketing efforts.  However, not all the businesses are able to employ such telemarketing strategy as usually it carries high costs of deployment. Nevertheless, today, with the advancement in the technologies, we have the best predictive dialing solution available in the market.

It does not matter whether your business is big or small, well established or newly started, hosted or web-based predictive dialing solution can definitely boost your telemarketing efforts at cost-effective investment. It will take your business to a new high by increasing your agents productivity. Based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, web-based predictive dialer is managed 24/7, all round the year from the remote data centers. Access to this system is simple and easy with fair internet connectivity.

The primary goal of a predictive dialer is to automatically dial a list of telephone numbers, and distribute them among the agents in the most efficient way with live human voice at the other end. The system is capable of detecting and filtering unproductive calls such as fax tone, answering machine, dead line, no answer, busy tone, and other similar calls. In addition to this, with its artificial intelligence algorithm, it can also check and filter those telephone numbers, which are registered for Do Not Call. This eventually will help the company overcome any legal action or complaint.

One of the best features of a web-based predictive dialing solution is that it can make the agents virtual, meaning they can be the part of the call center even if they are not physically present at the facility. With this feature, an agent can login from anywhere around the world, at any time to continue with his/her telemarketing campaign. Likewise, the team leader or floor manager can also login remotely and manage the leads, and check the progress of the campaign.

Web-based solution is a cost-effective and productive investment, which can cut down various operating costs such as telephone bills, investment in servers and its maintenance, etc., and at the same time increase your agents productivity. With ideally distributed live calls, agents productivity will increase by up to 75 percent.  Some of the benefits of web-based predictive dialer are as follows:

  1. Easy and quick to deploy,
  2. Distribute calls evenly among agents,
  3. Increase agents’ productivity by eliminating unproductive calls,
  4. Complete support from the hosting service provider,
  5. Access to the system from anywhere, at any time,
  6. Cost-effective solution.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialers are intelligent telephone computer systems that make the job of telemarketer easier. The system dials several telephone numbers automatically and waits for live connections before forwarding the call to the available telemarketer, who can talk to the prospect. Call centers mainly use these predictive dialers to make the job of marketing and sales much more efficient.

Predictive dialers are the successor of autodialers. These autodialers would dial through telephone numbers automatically while telemarketers wait to see if there would be any response from the other end of the line. While this reduced the manual dialing time, it did little to streamline the sales process, which predictive dialing systems were later able to do.

Taking a step further than autodialers, predictive dialing systems cut down the manual dialing time as well as the waiting time of the telemarketers. The predictive system makes the calls and then monitors them, instead of the telemarketers. When the system connects to the person, it then automatically transfers the call to the telemarketer.

While working, the dialer can adjust its dialing pattern by gathering statistics. These statistics include the number of connections, average length of each call, what is the best time of calling, and so on. These statistics not only make the predictive dialer work more efficiently, but it also provides useful information to the managers in charge of the campaign.

Role of a Contact Center Solution

In this fast paced and technologically advanced world, contact centers have become one of the most significant links between organizations and their customers. When an organization or an enterprise offers a great service, it will lead to more satisfied customers, which indeed results in more business generation. In case if the organization or enterprise fails to satisfy their customers, it can adversely affect their business, causing customers to go elsewhere, and reducing business growth. In order to prevent this, organizations or enterprises today have established call center or contact center facilities. Using hosted predictive dialer, a type of contact center solution, these call centers or contact centers help organizations satisfy their customers and achieve better business growth. The advantages of contact center solutions are available to a wide range of organizations as set-ups, services, maintenance and upgrades, which are versatile and affordable thanks to SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Prior to this cloud based solution, small businesses could not afford and maintain the massive expenses of premises based systems. This refrained them from providing the best customer service. Thanks to the cloud based contact center solutions, however, organizations today can reconsider their finances of maintaining good customer services. As more and more businesses today are facing modern economic challenges, these contact solutions are also enhancing. These solutions now also include IVR (interactive voice response) solutions. As a whole, these contact center solutions focus on business intelligence, lead generation, exceptional customer care service, and building best relations with the customers.

Opting for such hosted or cloud solutions, an organization avails many benefits like:

Overcome geographical barrier: – With such solutions, organization can set up their customer calling or serving facility in any part of the world.

Versatility: – Such solutions are versatile, meaning that it can be precisely configured and fine-tuned as per the organization’s exact specifications.

Consistency: – Such solutions are provided from the most reliable data centers that have the highest level of security, redundant power, and excess bandwidth to prevent any sort of outage.

Such solutions work on an intelligent set of algorithms, regulating the call flow and distributing it efficiently among the representatives. Furthermore, when it comes to making the calls, the solution only makes calls that are productive. This means that the representatives will be presented with only those calls that are actually answered by the customers. Setting up such solution will certainly increase the business efficiency, as well as will lead the organization towards a better growth.

Usefulness of a Predictive Dialer

In this modern world, where almost everyone is connected with a telecommunication system, a predictive dialer could play a significant role for call center businesses worldwide. This particular system can greatly enhance the efficiency of the call center. A predictive dialer is a high-tech system that can dial a bulk amount of phone numbers for call centers for the sole purpose of telemarketing. For a call center, the more amount of phones they make, the better sales they can achieve; hence, this system could prove to be an invaluable asset.

There are plenty of reasons why this system could prove to be useful for call centers. For one reason, it can regulate the call traffic for these call centers. Using a predictive dialing system, a call center will be able to manage their entire outbound call flow. For instance, the system can be set to eliminate unproductive calls such as answering machines, fax tones, engaged lines, busy tones, and so on. With unproductive calls eliminated, a room for genuine callers will be created, which is exactly what a call center wants for the purpose of telemarketing.

Aside from disposing off unproductive calls with ease, the predictive dialing system also enables the call distribution effectively. The system can predict the call duration and set the next call in the queue for the agent to answer when he or she is finished with the on going call. This ensures that no agent will be left idle, and maximum productivity can be achieved with the telemarketing campaign. The system also has an excellent call-scheduling feature. Often, agents at call center are required to give a call back to the potential customers. With the conventional dialing system, they had to write it down on a piece of paper or in a notepad, which often proved to be ineffective. However, with the modern dialing system, they can schedule a call back on the system itself, and when the stipulated time comes, the system will automatically send reminders to the agents. This way, the call centers could generate more sales by giving a call back to the potential customers.

Deploying such dialing system could be costly, but down the line, it really pays off. With the deployment of a predictive dialer in a call center, the call management will be effective, and labor waste will be minimal. Predictive dialing solution could be hardware or software based. However, nowadays, hosted predictive dialing solutions are also available, which is entirely web or cloud based.

Call Centers: Four Types of Dialers – Auto Dialer, Power Dialer, Preview Dialer and Predictive Dialer

Customer service / satisfaction, along with more number of customers and improved sales is the motto of almost every business unit. Depending upon the type of business, as well as the service offered by them, businesses choose different set of strategies which can help them to achieve this. Call centers is one such business practice, which not only provides customer support and satisfaction services, but at the same time have also helped the businesses to boost their sales, increased their brand awareness, increased their customer retention, and so on.

Yet, even call center itself is an industry, after all. As a result they are also focused to provide better customer services, which thereby in their business, leads to better call flow, decreased down-time, and increase productivity with more number of relevant calls. This is why call centers are always in search for a better dialing solution, which can help them to achieve all these aspects. The industry itself started with manual dialing, wherein the agents use normal telephone lines to make calls and thereby provide the service. However, with constant progressing technologies, these telephone calls were replaced with better dialing infrastructure known as dialers.

As of now, mostly there are four types of dialers available in the market which are Automatic Dialer or Auto Dialer, Preview Dialer, Power Dialer, and Predictive Dialer.

  • Auto Dialer Auto dialer dials a series of telephone number automatically. The numbers are uploaded in the dialer’s database in the form of predefined excel sheet or in .csv format sheet. The dialer than automatically dials the list of telephone number on an automatic basis. Generally, it is a VOIP based dialing, wherein the agent is hooked-up with a computer, wherein once the call is dialed, the agent is able to view the customer details on the screen.
  • Preview Dialer The preview dialer works similarly to that of auto dialer; however, prior dialing the call it allows the agents to get the preview of the customers’ details, along with the past call history (if any), which allows them to be prepared for the call.
  • Power Dialer Power dialer or also known as progressive dialer, dials a call only when the agent is available to handle the calls. As per the wiki definition in regards with power dialer, “Automated dialers consider the priority and the skills of the agent to automatically place a call to the agent. In power dialing, an agent is always available to talk to the customer.”
  • Predictive Dialer – Predictive dialer or hosted predictive dialer or predictive dialing works on a computerized algorithm. This further allows it to perform flawlessly without any interruptions, what it means that it dials the call only when the agent is available for the call, and at the same time it also filters and screen’s out all the unproductive calls such as voice mails, no answers, fax tones, busy signals, etc., allowing the agents to talk directly with the live person. Furthermore, it also calculates the number of logged-in agents on the system, the number of free agents, and the number of agents taking calls, based on which it regulates the call flow accordingly. All this compel, increases the productivity of the business, as the agents won’t be busy disposing the unproductive calls, and will be able to perform efficiently by speaking a live person every time.

How to Start with Predictive Dialing?

Call center is a booming industry that has revolutionize the way we receive customer service, technical support, as well as how we buy/ upgrade products and services. It works as a great asset not only for the businesses, but for the customers as well, giving them the freedom to buy products and service; all within the comfort of their couch. All these, way before even the ecommerce came into existence.

However, for call centers it is a challenging task to select the right type of dialing infrastructure, which has less overhauls, and at the same time is able to increase their business productivity. This is the reason why most call centers around the world are now started depending upon hosted predictive dialer / hosted predictive dialing for their outbound sales process. Predictive dialer is a state-of-the-art dialer that incorporates several features. It works on a computerized statistical algorithms, which filters all the unproductive calls such as voicemails, fax tones, busy signals, etc. and connects only the live call to the agent making call. At the same time it also calculates number of logged-in agents, number of free agents, and number of agents taking calls, thereby regulating its call flow accordingly.

Overall this complete process, increases the call center’s productivity by up to 72%, resulting into more agents being on call, talking to the customers, and more productivity. There are various hosted predictive dialing service provider, redCloud – www.redcloudinc.net – is such one of the professional company offering quality and reliable hosted predictive dialing infrastructure to call centers around the world.

Yet, when it comes to hosted predictive dialing, there is one thing in common with almost all the service provides, the majority of hosted predictive dialing service providers will require your company to be set up with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system.


1 Install the predictive dialing software as supplied / provided by the provider. Follow all on-screen instructions. Your software should automatically detect your VoIP system. If it does not, there should be an option within the user interface to select your VoIP system.

2 Type a test number (such as your cellphone) into your contact list. This should be the only number in your predictive dialer at this time. Press “Start” or “Call” to make sure that the system is configured correctly for outgoing calls.

3 Import your call list into your predictive dialer. Most programs will allow you to upload a spreadsheet or database of phone numbers. Depending on the number of contacts you have, it may take some time for all of the numbers to be copied into your predictive dialer.